Anastasia Russa: painter

This work is a celebration of the past that shapes our present. Anastasia chooses characters and events that have left their mark on this area - from the recent horror of Grenfell, with all its ongoing impacts, to ghostly buses, escaped monkeys and a cast of local characters.

People and the events that affect their lives are woven into the rich texture and history of this area. Anastasia has, like many before her, brought her outsider’s eye to rest here and has interpreted what it is that makes it a special place - an ever-evolving community that endures through rough and smooth and good and bad times.

Her imagery represents the multi-layering of memories and local folklore that each generation passes to the future. It also reflects both what people have brought with them from outside and the way in turn this area has shaped people and forged a community - an expression of their hopes, their joy and the, occasionally stark and tragic, reality of making a life in this place.

If ever there was a need for connection, it is now.


from 52 minute


© Anastasia Russa 2021