Anastasia Russa: painter

Unlike other portrait painters, who deploy, more or less, one basic pose for any number of different people; the conception that I have chanced upon has to been to paint but one person in as many different poses and moods as I can possibly capture.  In this way I am attempting to portray the depth and diversity of human personality itself.  Through this portraiture I convey my love to and for the subject himself.

It happens that during those last five years, I have been painting the portraits of my husband who is an ‘Old Believer’ Anglican priest (i.e. a chaplain to a group of Anglican traditionalists).

On the canvases and wooden panels, that form my foundations, I am trying to delineate the depth and intelligence of his personality.

His stubborn, controversial, uncompromising soul has matched my heart. He attempts to combat suffering with the delicacy of his sense of humour; his deep humanity makes me thrilled, and has inspired to look for new, ever changing forms, through which I can express my own vision and feelings.

Recently I decided to add portraits of other people to this page.

© Anastasia Russa 2020
How to Explain Paint to the Dead Pig

50x40cm, oil on wood, 2019