Anastasia Russa: painter

Climate Change, an Apocalyptic Phenomenon. 

This subject stretches our passions and controversies.  We see forests are on fire, “frogs fall from the sky”, polar bears grasp the last remains of glaciers as if contemplating the plastic filling the oceans, whilst the parched earth begins to crack.  Consciousness of an impending disaster creates a dread of the last times, and we begin to picture monsters appearing as heralds of our fate.


Humanity tells itself to have a good time and to muzzle the prophets of doom, like those passengers who chose to dance as the Titanic slowly sank. 

Does humanity is necessarily enjoying its indulgences as much as it imagines and equally lacks insight into what is on the horizon - the irreversible changes to the world and the future of its creatures? 

Discarded plastic breaks down into many miniscule fragments and is then consumed by sea creatures, which, in turn, are consumed by us.  To what extent are we mutating, to what extent might we become monsters ourselves?


Can art change the situation?

Art has a voice, beyond existing for its own sake.  I believe that this voice should be nurtured and broadcast.   This voice is quiet, but durable. Art impacts upon the human heart and “awakening conscience.”  Changing the world starts with us, we can pollute and exploit or we can conserve and restore. Art in union with rigorous research may be the beginning of the renewal of our planet.

© Anastasia Russa 2020


51x61cm, oil on wood, 2020