Anastasia Russa: painter

Anastasia's own iconographic interest is especially to make new interpretations of the archetypal myths/dreams of humankind; juxtaposing classical figurative art with contemporary concerns: such as post-Internet, climate change and mental health.  She seeks to explore these new themes through  immemorial ideals of beauty that can liberate us from mean and anxious thoughts to make way for the sublime.

Her personal strengths are in composition and narrative.  Portraiture is another strength, so experimenting with the human figure in stasis and motion is a priority.  By drawing upon different skills, she intends to express new ideas. The language of C. 16-17 is the starting point, but her concern lies in contemporary themes: such as Global Warming, the impact of new technologies and isolation of the self, everything that characterise the present human condition.


© Anastasia Russa 2020

Token of death

or when we start to see them, 40x70cm, canvas, oil, 2020 40x70cm, canvas, oil