Anastasia Russa: painter

Currently my artistic productions are taking inspiration, and narrative form, from mythology.  The meta-narratives, seen in many different ancient mythologies, are the starting point for considering our contemporary ‘mythological’ figures that are found in profusion in the new icons of mass-produced toys, computer-game heroes and social net symbols. 

​I am contriving hereby an evolution of this subject-matter by inventing my own hybrids, setting them in modern environments or notional situations.  This further feeds into my individual interpretation and representation of modern History Painting. 

The chosen medium is traditional oil painting.  Nevertheless, I also takes the opportunity to experiment, to a considerable extent in a modernist way, by mixing different solutions with raw materials. These create a bold texture that comes to form a defined background, an empty stage for my future figurative paintings.

© Anastasia Russa 2021