My interest in the interaction of different liquids has recently found expression in my exploration of new artistic forms.  I am looking for a special texture from which I can depict my vision of the creation of  the "new worlds." 



I am contriving a clash between oil and white-spirit liquids, using half-dry resin and different varnishes.  I can apply a water-based varnish which is used to construct works on the surface of the wet oil-layered canvas; and I rather like this hardened oil cracking effect.



 All this gives the impression of something which not made by human hand, but by a chance, and has an accidental nature.  I value this unpredictability because it seems that the most beautiful thing in painting is something which has happened unexpectedly.



All this experimentation began from the time that I used to make etchings and mono-prints.  I was captivated by the "cloudy" effects  when I painted the cooper-plate with ferric acid.



 These cloudy designs and patterns gave me further thoughts about my own "texture."  In my art practice I combine abstraction and figuration.  I am going to search for, and create, some unique painterly surfaces in which the "new universes" will emerge, and which I can fill with figures.